Single Rope Technique Course (SRT)

Prerequisite: BTCC

This course covers all the basics needed to begin SRT climbing, including limb cinch and trunk tie off setups, various techniques and equipment for Texas, yo-yo, rope walkers, frog, foot/knee ascender and other systems, knots, repelling devices, self rescue, switchovers, and more.  All training equipment provided.  App. 8 hrs. – 1 day.  Contact us for rates (crew discounts available).  TCC Evergreen Grove plus other locations.  (Cost and registration process will be different for SRT Course offered through partner agencies.)  Class size is limited.  Minimum age 13, 13-17 must be accompanied by parent/guardian.  $100 non-refundable deposit per participant reserves place in Evergreen class.  Special offerings of the SRT Course can be arranged on any available dates for any number of students.  Call 303.877.1870 or email us for more information. 

See our Calendar for SRT’s already scheduled.

Step 1: Submit $100 deposit via: 

Online Payments Page (credit cards)

or by mail to: Tree Climbing Colorado, Evergreen, CO  80439-9539

Step 2: Along with deposit, please complete and submit (either scan and email, or snail mail to TCC address above):

Course Registration Form