Public Programs

Join us for some recreational tree climbing!

Join us for some fun, introductory tree climbing, or as we like to call it “dances with branches”. Wear long pants, sturdy footwear and socks, and bring some gloves if you have ’em. We’ll show you how to safely get up/down from a tree using ropes, harnesses & helmets. We provide all the equipment. Just bring your willingness to explore and have fun! 

No experience necessary. Climbs are usually 2 hours. 

Using ropes, harnesses & easy-to learn techniques, climbers ascend into the crown of a beautiful tree & discover the fun & adventure of recreational tree climbing. We provide all equipment & instruction.

Where can I find a Public Climbing Program?

Festival/Event Climbs


If you’ve never used a harness and ropes to get up into a tree, these climbs are the perfect way to whet your appetite. You’ll receive a short introduction about the parts of the climbing system, get geared up and start climbing. The climb lasts around (15) minutes, enough time to get a new perspective on your surroundings, challenge yourself, laugh at your friends and family and find out if you want to join us for a longer program.

Parks & Rec Climbs

If you want a solid introduction to the climbing system and what tree time really feels like, this program (or the Open Climb) is for you. You will have enough time to try multiple routes, rappel, swing around and test your balance, endurance and agility. 

Do you work with or are a constituent of a nature center or parks & rec district, or similar organization looking at the possibility of offering Recreational Tree Climbing (RTC) programs? Contact us to see what we can offer!



Open Climbs
Tree Climbing Colorado offers these climbs directly to you on various properties where we have permission to climb. Join us for 2 hours of introductory climbing, get a basic understanding of the parts of the climbing system, play around with branch walking, tree surfing and other fun things you can do…or just hang out with a huge, beautiful living being, enjoying the calm and perspective that you get resting in their crown.

Advanced Open Climbs

These climbs offer people with a little experience the opportunity to climb again using our gear and to continue learning from more experienced climbers. It’s a great way to practice your skills and learn some new ones in a fun, safe and supportive way.

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