Instructional Programs

Tree Climbing Certification Courses

All equipment is provided during the courses as well as training manuals that you get to keep.


Basic Tree Climbing Course:
tree-climbing-certificationBecome a trained tree climber by taking the 2-day Basic Tree Climbing Course. This teaches all the basics necessary to climb on your own using the Double Rope Technique (DdRT) / Moving Rope System (MRS). You’ll learn everything from site and tree health assessment to knot tying to moving around the crown of the tree, and more.

Become a trained tree climber to climb on your own & join the worldwide community of tree climbers.

SRT Climbing Course:

1 day course where you’ll learn to climb using Single Rope Techniques (SRT).
Prerequisite: BTCC.

Facilitator Training:

A 3-day course that will give you the know-how to lead groups of climbers up into a tree. (Prerequisite: Basic Tree Climbing Course)

Train to conduct tree climbing programs at your school, recreation center, arboretum, nature center, park & recreation district, etc. & bring one of the fastest growing recreational activities to your community.

This course covers all the basics needed to begin facilitating group and public climbs, including site and tree set up, equipment, safety/climbing demonstration, rescue, insurance, people management skills, venue contracts, and more. All training equipment provided. 3 days: 2 training, 1 co-facilitating group climb. Contact us for rates.

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