Climb trees! We do it because we love being in forests and among trees: not just wandering by and among them but actually climbing around on them. We love the adventure, the experience of something new every climb, the physical challenge, the joy, the new perspective. Whether there’s a deep connection tied to our evolutionary roots or some other force at play, something magical often happens for people when they get higher up in the crown of a tree, whether it’s their first time up or their hundredth.


In addition to a fun, physical activity, we also hope to give people a new awareness of the beauty of these magnificent beings all around us, and through this new found appreciation, a stronger desire to respect, protect and conserve them in their own community, across the country and around the world.


Since its founding in 2002 by Harv Teitelbaum, we have been taking people and groups climbing  and teaching others to climb or to lead groups themselves. Harv was founding president of the GOTC, the Global Organization of Tree Climbers, the US501(c)3 non-profit that helps standardize climbing guidelines and training curricula, as well as promote public awareness of the safe practice of recreational tree climbing worldwide. He is recognized as a Master Instructor by the GOTC.