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Helping Folks Climb Trees Since 2002

Private Climbs

For your social group, party, family and friends, or team-building

Public Climbs

Hang out with shady characters for a fun, challenging adventure

Have you ever walked under a beautiful old tree and wanted to play in its arms or fly through the air on an epic rope swing?

Want to find out? 

Join us for one of our programs to experience it for yourself. 

Experience your evolutionary heritage. 

Connect with nature in a new way. 

Leaf inspired.

Parties, Camps & Team Building

Private Climbs

Have your next birthday party, camp, or team-building event in a tree!

Private Programs

Let's Climb Some Trees

Public Climbs

Join us for some safe, fun tree climbing, or as we say dances with branches!

Public Programs

Instructional Programs

Climb Like A Pro

Become a trained tree climber and learn to teach others to climb safely

Instructional Programs

Some of the benefits of tree climbing

🌲 Reconnect with nature through trees. 

🌲 Good for the body, mind and soul. 

🌲 Can be done individually, in a group or family. 

🌲 Builds self-confidence while having fun. 

🌲 Cultivates a conservation ethic through direct experience and feeling.

Climb With Us!

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