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Harv “Ponderosa” Teitelbaum

Harv Teitelbaum is a GOTC-recognized tree climbing Facilitator and Master Instructor, founding president and current vice-president of the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC). When not among the trees, he is an Instructor of Environmental Science at Rasmussen College. As a free-lance writer, Harv's commentaries on social, environmental, and political issues have appeared in regional newspapers and online publications. He was Treasurer of the Colorado chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).

                        Harv preparing to climb “The Jolly Green Giant”, Longmont, CO

Harv holds a Masters degree in Environmental Leadership and Ecopsychology.  His environmental resume includes five years in the Education Department of the Colorado Division of Wildlife, contributing to such programs as Wildlife Watch, Wild Colorado: Crossroads of Biodiversity, and Colorado River Watch. Harv was one of the founders of the Green movement in Colorado, and volunteer taught and served on the advisory board of Jefferson County Open School. He was executive director of the Douglas County Soil and Natural Resources Conservation District and served as program director for The Place, a teen drop-in mentoring center that opened near Columbine High School.  Harv has volunteered at CEO Colorado, tutoring and mentoring adults transitioning away from the justice system, with Jefferson County Open Space as a park host, and for the Jefferson County Library on its speakers bureau and other projects.

For 15 years, Harv was the owner/operator of the Baskin-Robbins in Evergreen, CO, and was elected to represent fellow franchisees in the western US on national councils.  Harv established the first online community of franchisees, Fran-net, and his store was used as a system-wide model for energy efficiency.

Harv is currently Chair of the Beyond Oil & Gas Network of the Sierra Club’s Rocky Mountain Chapter and works to move our society beyond fossil fuels to a more sustainable, green energy future.

"Ponderosa" Harv has lived in Colorado for about 45 years, the last 30 or so in the ponderosa forested foothills around Evergreen, where he practices sustainable forestry and utilizes that local wood biomass, solar panels and wind-sourced electricity, along with a geothermal system, in aspiring to walk lightly through the forest.

Nicole “Luciérnaga” Olalla

Nicole Olalla is originally from Chile, and moved to the US with her husband and son in 2002. In 2012 Nicole was introduced to Recreational Tree Climbing through her son. He wanted to become a Tree Climber, so they took the training together. What a beautiful and powerful experience for them both! Soon after, she chose to become a Tree Climbing Facilitator, and since then both she and her son have been working with Tree Climbing Colorado, helping people reconnect with Nature & trees. In November 2013, Nicole became an Instructor, now teaching that same course she and her son took at the start of their tree climbing journey. In 2015 Nicole became co-owner of Tree Climbing Colorado.

Since 2013 Nicole also sits on the Board of GOTC, the Global Organization of Tree Climbers, and serves as its staff International Coordinator. GOTC is a charitable nonprofit, so if anyone reading this feels inclined to become a member of this great international community and/or donate to the organization, please do so. She is also involved in preserving forest in the south of Chile.

Nicole earned a BA degree in Advertising and Social Communication from the Instituto Profesional Monica Herrera in Santiago, Chile, then became a Newfield Network Certified Coach. When she lived in California, Nicole became a Certified Massage Therapist through the Monterrey Institute of Touch. She has also studied Permaculture, Silversmithing and Encaustic Art and has been a Waldorf mom for 15 years. 

Nicole in “Thompson & Thompson", Niwot, CO

Nicole worked in the corporate world, had her own jewelry company and massage practice, and wrote & illustrated a children’s book. All these experiences shaped her into who she is today, someone who cares deeply about Nature and our Sacred Imagination. 

There has been a clear theme and purpose to Nicole's path; connecting people with Nature. The Tree Climbing modality broadened this perspective and its potency for her, making it a very powerful experience for people. Nicole realized soon after she started climbing that we are not the same after being in the presence of a wise, old tree. This makes perfect sense, as Tree Climbing is so attuned to who we are and where we come from. Being up in a tree is where Nicole finds her inspiration; to be a better person, to do art, to connect people with Nature. 

Her passion is to share Nature & Art with people, to reconnect, recover and recharge. Nicole works from her home office, where she does Encaustic Painting. But she also works in branch offices during tree climbing season. And yes, she does mean trees! She puts people up in trees with ropes, helmets and harnesses. 

Come climb with Nicole and our Tree Climbing Colorado team! 

The TCC Team (Climb Friends and Helpers) 

Tyler “Rango Balou” Anders

Nicolas “Locovispa” Olalla

Becca “Shreya” Heisler

Kimberly “Royal Forest” and Andrew Beck

Chris Ames

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Tree Climbing Colorado is an affiliate of the Global Organizations of Tree Climbers (GOTC), and follows all its protocols and practices for safe climbing and training.  

Tree Climbing Colorado, LLC is fully insured on all climbing events, and also does business under the names of Tree Climbing Denver and Tree Climbing Boulder.

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